TMSG: New York woman recreates iconic buildings with cookies

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LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – From candy canes to Christmas cookies, it’s officially the time of year to celebrate all things sugary and sweet.

One woman in New York has made a name not just for her baking abilities, but for her architecture skills in the kitchen too!

“The Shake Shack [display] took me about 50 hours. And that’s probably about the same for the Cottage and Rosebud, probably took more than that because it’s so much bigger,” said Natalie Salerno.

By day, Salerno works in marketing. Her holiday hustle? Making gingerbread recreations of your favorite real-life buildings

Like the cottage from Nancy Meyers ‘The Holiday.’

“Nancy Meyers DM’d me after the holiday and I died a little bit,” said Salerno.

Natalie leaned into her sugary sweet skillset during the pandemic, quickly taking on gingerbread construction jobs on a much larger scale.

Like the Rosebud Motel from Schitt’s Creek.

Natalie makes it look easy with her latest cookie creation — a miniature version of the first-ever Shake Shack!

With fresh-baked cookies on the brain, we had to ask are you able to eat anything that she makes?

“I don’t. But you can,” she said.

“It keeps me from being too precious about things because, at the end of the day, something could be going wrong and I just have to remind myself this is a cookie and it’s okay. It’s not gonna last forever and there’s something kind of beautiful about that,” said Salerno.

So what does Natalie have up her sleeve for next Christmas? She’s hoping to keep the Nancy Meyers tradition going with a gingerbread recreation of the house from ‘Father of the Bride.’

To see what her creations look like, take a look at the video player above.

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