A navy sailor’s love song landed him the girl of his dreams, and decades later a surprise he never thought he get.

It’s been 61 years of wedded bliss, but Mort and Susan Block of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania say their ‘meant to be’ love story almost never was.
Not because of Mort. He knew he wanted to marry her from day one.

But Susan… not so much.

“I didn’t have any grandiose feeling that it was going to go anywhere,” she said.

To complicate matters, Mort was a sailor and after that first date, he headed out to sea, where, on the bridge of the destroyer Hazelwood, he wrote a song for Susan.

The song was called My Love and it worked its magic.

Matt Block saw the sheet music and shared it with some friends.

“Everyone was like, ‘Damn, this is a hit. This is great,'” said Matt.

Matt works in the music industry, so he was able to gather some of the best studio musicians in the country together, and they took that dusty old love song and made it sing.

Mort’s love song originally intended for an audience of one has now been played more than a million times on social media.

And that was just the beginning. This fall, 82-year-old Mort Block will grace the cover of an album featuring “My Love” and other collaborations.

Perhaps a Grammy next year, but for Mort and Susan, like couples everywhere, the song of the year will always be their song.