This Morning: Diaper company pledges to install 5,000 baby changing tables in men’s restrooms

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A diaper company’s research found 90% of dads have gone into a public restroom without anywhere to change their child’s diaper.

That was the case for one Florida father who took to social media to call attention to the issue.

The father posted a picture of himself using his legs as a makeshift changing table for his 1-year old.

It went viral, sparking a movement to install baby changing stations in men’s restrooms using the #SquatForChange.

It called attention to the fact that dads are often times forced to get creative when changing their child’s diaper in a public restroom.

Not long after, Pampers picked up on the issue releasing a YouTube video.

The company announced it will install 5,000 changing tables in men’s restrooms across the U.S. to Canada.

Along with Koala Kare, together they will start installing changing tables in high-need locations first.

One of those cities, being Detroit specifically in parks and libraries.

So far, 641 changing tables have been installed to date. The company hopes to install the rest by 2021.

According to CNN: In 2016, President Obama passed the Bathrooms Accessible in Every Situation, or BABIES, Act, which mandated changing tables in some, but not all, public bathrooms in a building.

Rather than install them in every restroom, buildings must provide signage to the nearest station, often located in a women’s stall.

Restaurants and retailers are excluded from the measure, too.

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