LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — According to our media partners at mLIVE, Michigan is recalling a chocolate marijuana edible called Covert Cups. The products are under recall due to not being inspected properly during processing at 3843 Euclid LLD in Bay City.

More than 40 stores across the state received shipments of the Covert Cups- including stores in Lansing, Detroit and Ann Arbor, among others.

The recalled products include peanut butter cups, s’mores cups, banana cream cups, and more.

Those who currently have recalled edibles should return them to the store where they were bought so that proper disposal measures can be followed. Stores must notify customers and display the recall notice for 30 days.

Anyone who has an adverse reaction is asked to report them to the state by emailing or by phone at (517) 284-8599.

A group of products was tested for compliance on March 23 of this year, all of the products were in yellow packaging. During a state check, Euclid LLC had 10,000 Covert Cups in a variety of packaging colors- including clear and silver. It was then determined by the state that the initial batch tested was not an accurate representation of all the products. The issue is still being investigated.

This is not the first time 3843 Euclid LLC has had a compliance issue, last summer, the company’s license was suspended for two weeks last summer after the state discovered that employees were licking pre-rolled joints, sealing them closed with saliva.

Additionally, the company received a citation and was fined in 2019 when two weeks of video surveillance footage went missing.

On July 13, 2021, 2843 Euclid confirmed that their processing facility license has been suspended by the Marijuana Regulating Authority (MRA).

Due to the suspension, more than 100 employees have lost their jobs.

In a release from MEDfarms, it was stated that there are hopes to return to the facility,

“We wish to assure our business partners and the public at large that our facility is unequivocally
clean and safe, as are the lab-tested marijuana products we manufacture. We have always worked
closely and collaboratively with the MRA, and despite this unexpected and, in our opinion,
unnecessarily punitive, action, we will continue to work with the MRA toward what we hope is
the prompt reopening of our facility.”