GURNEE, Ill.  — Three people were reportedly shot in the parking lot of Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, prompting a heavy police presence.

According to a police source, the injuries are believed to be non-life-threatening. No one is in custody.

The amusement park, which closes at 8 p.m., was evacuated.

WGN News spoke with Laurie Walker and her daughter, Grace, who were inside the park when the shooting incident occurred. Walker said they were waiting in line for the ‘Ricochet’ in the southwest area of the park around 7:50 p.m. when she noticed people running in a panic.

“There is an active shooter, get down, get down,” Walker recalled someone shouting. “We didn’t know what was going on, so we get down.” 

Walker and her daughter climbed over two fences to get “out of plain view sight,” where she could call her husband. After hiding out for a short while, Walker says she was able to leave the park.

Authorities told WGN News that law enforcement officials are actively searching the area to ensure everyone is located and accounted for. 

A WGN News is headed to the scene and working on learning more.

This is a developing story. Stay with WGN News for updates.