A bipartisan bill package introduced today aiming to improve nursing homes

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The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the state’s seniors particularly hard and lawmakers hope they can prevent the spread of Covid-19 in nursing homes and other facilities.

Today many lawmakers joined together on the steps of the capitol to propose a 10 bill bipartisan package.

State Rep Leslie Love from Detroit says “I can’t tell you how this has impacted my life and my mother.”

During the Covid-19 pandemic Michigan put some long term care patients who were recovering from the virus in the same facilities as residents who did not have the virus.

Rep. Love’s mother was one of the residents who contracted the virus after being placed with a resident who tested positive.

After receiving strong backlash over this decision, Governor Whitmer introduced “regional hubs” to keep the positive and negative cases separated.

However, Lawmakers like Padma Kuppa say that’s not enough.

“We are trying to fix issues that are historical and also issues the coronavirus has exasperated,” says Kuppa.

The bipartisan package includes creating a database of nursing homes available to the public, providing a minimum of two electronic devices at each nursing home, so residents can stay in touch with their families, increasing pay for nursing home works, and stronger guidelines to notify families of any positive cases at a facility.

The bills will now be heard by the house families, children and seniors committee.

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