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Apple unveils new iPhone

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Apple unveiled its newest iPhone today.

In 2019 Apple CEO Tim Coock unveiled the latest iPhone to an auditorium full of people.
nats – handout from apple: “introducing iPhone 12.”
This year’s big reveal could only be viewed online.
The tech giant is offering new versions of the iPhone – with various sizes and features.

The top of the line pro max has a 6.7-inch screen, the largest yet.
The designs are thinner, lighter, have new cameras, and faster 5-g.

CNET’s executive editor, Roger Cheng said Google and Samsung also offered new 5-g devices this year with speeds 10 to 100 times faster than 4-g. coverage is improving but right now it’s mostly concentrated in urban areas… and service can be spotty.
“So 5g is absolutely not something you need right now,” Cheng said.
most smartphone makers saw sales drop in the first half of the year with the pandemic impacting the economy.
But iPhone purchases managed to hold steady and apple’s new device is highly anticipated.
“There are millions and millions of people who upgraded their phones two or three years ago// and they are looking to upgrade,” Cheng said.
Phone makers are looking to reach more consumers with a range of pricing.
Samsung’s latest folding phone goes for $2,000, but a version of the galaxy s-20 starts at $700
the iPhone pro max sells for almost $1,100.
The mini version is $699.

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