(The Hill) — Hoping for a coveted concert ticket in Rhode Island? Good luck!

A new ranking has revealed where people will certainly struggle most to get tickets to popular concerts, and Rhode Island is the worst of the worst.

The ranking, created by JustGamblers, judged each state on the number of venues across 20 of this year’s biggest tours, venue capacity, how often a performer stops in each state and local ticket demand.

“Each venue’s capacity was then scaled against the state’s population to establish where fans are most likely to get access, while ticket demand is based on the volume of Google searches made for the most in-demand tours in each state,” the company said in its analysis of the results.

California residents and visitors are most in luck, with the Golden State boasting the best likelihood of securing tickets.

This year has featured a number of high-profile acts touring the country, including Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles, among others.

Outta luck: Some states are skipped completely, even on the huge tour maps — including Rhode Island.

On the “best” list: California, Illinois, Minnesota, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York, Tennessee and Georgia.

On the “worst” list: Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Delaware, North Dakota, Connecticut, Vermont, New Mexico, Arkansas, Hawaii and South Dakota.