Coronavirus Outbreak: What you should know

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Is this something that Michiganders should be concerned about?

Miranda Cristales, a nurse practitioner from Sparrow FastCare—- says it’s still too soon for people here in the state to be alarmed by it. 

“At this time it’s very early we still haven’t heard back from the World Health Organization waiting as opposed to worrying about it,” Cristales said.

Dr. Shoyinka, the director of the Ingham Health Department said the coronavirus is part of a family of viruses that includes SARS and MERS– diseases that eventually died out.

“It does look like some viruses that we’ve seen before. But then it’s not exactly the same thing, It’s not behaving the same way. In some cases we might say it’s not spreading the same way MERS did or SARS did so it’s very hard to speculate,” Dr. Shoyinka said.

Coronovirus spreads person to person–which is why Cristales believes it has spread very quickly.

““The concern is that when the transmission becomes person to person..particulary whth international travel and its spread much like thecold and  flu viryus you worrt about it spreading very rapidly,” she said.

And with a major Chinese holiday approaching, Dr. Shoyinka says people should know about travel safety.

“This weekend is Chinese New Year so a lot of people are supposed to be traveling and there have been a lot of warnings that people should limit their travel, she said.”

As for trying to stay safe the same basic rules apply, said Cristales.

“As with any infectious disease, you should take the basic precautions. Regular hand washing. Limiting contact. Not going to school or work if you are having fevers or symptoms. Communicating with your healthcare provider,” she said.

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