LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The Michigan DNR wants help keeping tabs on an invasive agricultural pest.

The spotted lanternfly has been spreading through Midwestern states since 2014 and has been seen as close as Ohio. It poses a threat to more than 70 varieties of crops grown in Michigan, including apples, grapes, hops, and hardwood trees.

Now, several dead lanternflies have been found in Michigan, and the DNR is calling on freight carriers, warehouse workers, and delivery drivers to help watch for more.

Adult lanternflies are about an inch long with distinct spotted patterns. Their wings are brown, but when they open, they reveal more colorful red and black wings beneath. The DNR wants transportation workers to learn how to spot them so they can report a possible infestation.

The lanternfly also lays egg mats that should also be reported. They are grayish-brown and waxy, giving an appearance like old chewing gum.

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