(KTLA) – Residents in L.A.’s Hollywood Hills neighborhood spotted an A-list celebrity Thursday morning, but it wasn’t George Clooney or Beyoncé.

Instead, it was a full-grown mountain lion, and most likely P-22 — aka “L.A.’s most famous feline.”

The puma, who resides mostly in the Griffith Park area and is believed to be about 12 years old, was caught on a doorbell camera walking down a residential street.

Video from one home shows the cougar strolling down the street in broad daylight. Other cameras captured the big cat strolling through yards at night.

“It’s wild. It’s wild. You hear of it, but usually there’s so many people out between the cars or people jogging or walking their dogs, you don’t think it would come around our part of the neighborhood,” said Jeffrey Drew, who lives in the area.

Drew’s partner, Jon-Eric Baer, said he was concerned for their small dog.

“I’m from the inner city, so I’m good with gang members, but with big-a– cats, I’m not that good,” Baer said. “That thing was huge.”

The area is no stranger to bobcats, deer, skunk and other creatures, but “rarely do you see a cat that big,” Drew added.

“It’s the big news. I thought it was exciting,” he said.

While the National Parks Service has yet to confirm if this particular lion is P-22, it seems likely given the cat’s size and the monitoring collar visible around its neck. P-22 was also spotted outside a Hollywood Hills home in April.