FDA approves new covid-19 drug as cases surge across the country

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Washington, D.C.(WLNS)–For the first time…the FDA has approved a drug to treat covid-19, the anti-viral drug Remdesivir. It was used to help President Trump recover from the coronavirus.

Nearly eight months into the pandemic…covid-19 has claimed over 1-point-1 million lives worldwide, more than 223-thousand of them in the U.S.

The virus appears to be surging yet again in this country. More than 71-thousand new infections were reported Thursday. It was the fourth-highest total since the pandemic began.

The upper midwest and the rocky mountains are getting hit hard now. i\In Idaho and other states, some hospitals are running out of room for new patients.

The coronavirus is even spreading in areas with existing rules for wearing masks and social-distancing.

Some experts say a crucial part of the puzzle is missing. The association of American Medical colleges is calling for a coordinated national testing program.

The federal government appears to be focusing its efforts on developing covid vaccines and treatments. On Thursday, the FDA for the first time officially approved a covid-19 drug.
The anti-viral Remdesivir was among the medications administered to president trump when he fell ill earlier this month.

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