Early this morning, Governor Whitmer was out surveying the damage to the downtown Lansing area, after destruction followed an initially peaceful protest.

“We’re working our way through a global pandemic, we had a 500 year flood on top of it, and of course this is years in the making of abuse and sadness,” Whitmer said. “And so I think the prevailing reaction is sadness and it’s got to be determination. We owe it to everyone in this state and in this country to do better…”

Over the weekend the Governor and Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist II issued a statement encouraging people across Michigan to designate areas for peaceful demonstrations.

This morning Gov. Whitmer said that clearly did not happen.

“There were certainly a lot of demonstrators who peacefully protested, who were organizing and focused on solving problems,” Whitmer said. And then there were others that I think who came in under the guise of supporting that but where actually more intent on creating harm and I think that undermines the work that we need to in this country and I’m hopeful we don’t see more of it. “