Hearings continue for Trump’s Supreme Court pick

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Washington, D.C. (WLNS)–Judge Amy Coney Barrett faced a second round of questioning at her supreme court confirmation hearings today. Members the senate judiciary committee pressed Barrett on the affordable care act and the powers of the president.

For the second day in a row, she was pressed on the affordable care act and whether the landmark health care law can stand, if parts of it are struck down.

Judge Barrett continued to offer few clues about how she’d rule from the bench on key issues, but she did give her views on the powers of the executive and judicial branches.

She also pushed to differentiate herself from her mentor, the late Justice Antonin Scalia, while defending her “originalist” interpretation of the law.

Committee Republicans and Democrats expressed polar opposite views on what it would mean for Barrett to be confirmed to the high court.

A committee vote on Barrett’s nomination is scheduled for Thursday, but Democrats are expected to request a “hold”, pushing that vote to next week.

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