EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) -“It feels weird going to my classes at night like I don’t feel safe,” Towner said.

As the mystery of what happened to Brendan Santo continues, students say there’s a sense of worry.

“We’re just so misinformed none of us know anything and it’s like,” MSU student David Towner said. We’re such a big campus and there’s so much going on on campus like we should feel safe. And I will admit ever since this whole situation happened I’ve been on edge. I’ve been walking around checking over my shoulder a lot,” Towner said.

“It kind of makes me nervous to be a student here knowing that the cameras weren’t working and possibly that could be someone I know next time,” student Olivia Stachursky said.

MSU Public Safety says the university is taking concerns seriously.

“That’s what we’re going to tonight. We’re going to listen. We’re going to share information that we have and talk about our safety and security plan that we have in place,” MSU Public Information Officer Chris Rozman said.

Rozman says tonight will be a chance to discuss and share ideas.

“We’re going to talk about what we’re going to do moving forward to and we know that things can always be improved and we’re always looking to do better.” Rozman said.

After learning some cameras weren’t working, students say more needs to be done.

“It just makes me think that they’re being careless with the student safety,” Stachursky said.

University officials admit there are problems that need to be addressed.

“We don’t believe that video impacted our case in any way or was detrimental but it is concerning and it’s something that we need to fix moving forward,” Rozman said.