LANSING, MICH. (WLNS)— Today Lansing Mayor Andy Schor announced the launch of Operation Slow Down within the city.

That program aims to reduce speeding and reckless driving behaviors. According to the city, it has recently heard from an increased number of residents who have expressed concerns over significant speeding throughout the city, specifically in neighborhoods.

“Lansing residents expect their neighborhood streets to be safe and the City takes complaints about hazardous driving seriously. The Lansing Police Department will redirect patrols to address hazardous driving violations, such as speeding and reckless driving, within our neighborhoods. We will also offer traffic calming options through the Lansing Public Service Department. We’ve created a resource on the City of Lansing’s website that will help guide residents through this process,” said Mayor Andy Schor.

The Lansing Police Department will dedicate resources to address hazardous driving violations, such as excessive speed – especially in residential neighborhoods, improper passing from the center left turn lane, aggressively weaving through traffic and cutting through businesses to avoid an intersection.

Those caught breaking the law could face fines ranging from $130 to $250, depending on the violation. If not posted, state statute says that the speed limit on residential streets is 25 mph.

For more information on traffic calming, to request traffic calming measures and/or request an LPD speed trailer in your neighborhood, visit or call Mayor Andy Schor’s Office at 517-483-4141 ext. one to speak with the Citizen Advocate.