Learning to play music strikes the right note in the pandemic

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New York, NY (WLNS)–The pandemic has many people dropping some of their favorite activities, but it also has many picking up other hobbies, like playing musical instruments. Sales for instruments are spiking, in some cases by more than 300 percent.

Karen Mainenti has not played a musical instrument since a bad violin recital in second grade, but that changed in May, when a friend gave her a ukulele.

The Manhattan artist now practices every day, with weekly virtual lessons. she says it’s a welcome distraction in a world of uncertainty.

Musical instrument sales are soaring across the country as people use their time at home to try something new, and stores are seeing more women and younger customers than before.

Guitar Center sales have nearly doubled for keyboards, tripled for acoustic guitars, and more than tripled for electronic drum, as learning something new strikes a chord in these uncertain times.

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