LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)— Top Michigan state police officials are accused of using ‘Signal.’ It’s an encryption messaging app that erases any trace of messaging between users.

First Lt. Matt Williams told a senate subcommittee that many MSP officials have used the signal application on their state-issued cell phones. But he denied any violations to the Michigan Freedom of Information Act.

“So far there have been no supporting facts brought forward to support those allegations,” Williams said.

But members of the committee say the app advertises itself as leaving no record behind, which is concerning.

“The app itself has this highlighted feature to destroy them….as a pretty evident feature on its site,” said Sen. Tom Barrett.

Williams says there is value to an app like signal because it provides another level of security during top operations. “If there is a presidential motorcade or the president is flying into DTW, we may have sensitive information with the secret service or other law enforcement,” Williams said.

MSP says it is reviewing whether the use of the app is appropriate behavior, meanwhile lawmakers on both side of the aisle are calling for legislation to make it clear that apps like this won’t be accepted.