Motorcoach companies rally around the Capitol to send a message that they need help

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Bus companies throughout the state gathered at the Capitol sending a message that they don’t want their vehicles to be parked any longer.

“Our employees are still not going to be working we have no trips booked for June or July, and we’re not the only ones its just effecting everyone and we need additional help,” says Jason Fredneburg, the coordinator of this rally.

These companies along with so many others were hit hard during the pandemic.

People we spoke with say they haven’t seen much help from the government, “the government has provided bail outs for the auto industry they provided bail outs for train.. Amtrak provided bail outs for airline industries but nothing for the motor coach industry and that’s what’s moving America,” says Fredneburg.

Motor coaches from Ecorse, Milan, Ann Arbor and Mt Pleasant circled the capitol for two hours.
The owner of Getaway Tours says he’s doing this because his company went from having buses handling several trips a day to none.

“For us were about a 15 bus a company for us to run 10 or 12 buses a day and have that number reduced to zero you couldn’t imagine that,” says Jeff Guyger owner of Getaway Tours.

They hope lawmakers can make some changes for them after they see this rally.

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