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(NEXSTAR) – A violent attack on a metro bus platform outside the Pentagon Tuesday morning has left one officer dead. What prompted the attack – and who was involved is still under investigation.

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The CDC announced on Tuesday another extension of the federal eviction moratorium through October 3. This temporarily halts evictions in areas with high transmission levels of the coronavirus.

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An earthquake hit off the coast of Japan Wednesday morning. Japan officials say there is no risk of a tsunami. A big night in track, medals will be handed out in the men’s 800 final and in the men’s 200-meter final. All eyes are on the reigning world champ Noah Lyles, and rising star 17-year-old Erriyon Knighton.

People who still feel the effects of COVID-19 long after being diagnosed may be able to consider their symptoms a disability.

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A California woman contracted Typhus after disposing of a dead rat and later learned her neighbor contracted the disease at the same time too.

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Across the nation, some kids are just days away from starting the new school year. On top of the many issues, COVID-19, school uniforms are now on the long list of shortages.

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Researchers fed caffeinated food to bees and tested how well they could track down targeted flowers. Caffeinated bees were able to identify the target scent, and fly to it, 70% of the time. Non- caffeinated bees went straight to the correct scent only 45% of the time. The research has real-world applications. Giving bees caffeine and teaching them to pollinate certain crops could boost farm production.

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