LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Ohio State University is apologizing to a Michigan State University hockey player after a Buckeye called the Spartan a racial slur during a game.

MSU senior forward hockey player Jagger Joshua, who is Black, released a statement Monday night on social media claiming a Buckeye player used a racial slur multiple times during their Nov. 11 game at Munn Ice Arena.

Jagger additionally said the player was given a game misconduct penalty after one of the officials overheard one of the slurs.

“I want to offer my sincere and heartfelt apology to Jagger Joshua. On behalf of Ohio State University, I am so sorry,” said Athletic Director Gene Smith in a statement sent out late Tuesday night.

“No student or student-athlete should experience hatred or racism, and everyone should feel welcome. I have spoken with Michigan State Athletic Director Alan Haller, and I’m thankful Jagger is getting the support he needs,” the statement said.

The late night statement is a change from a statement issued Tuesday afternoon, which only said that the school worked with the Big Ten “to come to a resolution in response to the allegation of misconduct.”

The Big Ten would only say that it supported the penalty called by the referee, and that “due to the absence of indisputable evidence presented to the conference, the conference has not imposed further disciplinary action.”

You can read the whole statement from the Ohio State athletic director below.

Smith went on to say that the player who made the remark, Kamil Sadlocha, is “is returning home and will not practice or compete at this time.” The statement did not make clear whether Sadlocha is being suspended or whether he will return.

Smith also says the whole Buckeye hockey team will undergo training on racial sensitivity and “the use of respectful dialog.”