EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — It’s rivalry week between Michigan and Michigan State, and since the Spartans have to travel to the Big House this year, 6 News is rewinding the tape to 2015.

For Wolverine fans, it’s footage you’ve likely unwillingly watched on replay over and over.

Almost as if it’s in slow motion.

It’s what the play felt like as it was happening for former Spartan Jalen Watts-Jackson, who still sees it frame-by-frame seven years later.

“I catch the ball; I take a couple steps. I look up at the clock. It’s like maybe six seconds left on the clock,” said Watts-Jackson. “I got Jermaine in front of me and one guy in blue in front. And from there I’m like, I gotta score.”

The thing is Watts-Jackosn didn’t know if he scored, if time ran out or if he got tackled on the one-yard line.

Neither did Chris Baldwin who watched in disbelief, stunned with his hands on his head. It was as if he was frozen in time.

“I do remember thinking about the clock at that point and if somebody was able to tackle him,” said Baldwin. “Would there be time for a field goal? Or was time just going to run out and you know, disaster would be avoided.”

Watts-Jackson did indeed score that touchdown and for Baldwin, disaster was not avoided.

What was a mountain of pain for one was a mountain of fame for the other.

Watts-Jackson broke his hip and was away from the field for seven to eight months. Meanwhile, Baldwin almost broke the internet.

“It was crazy for a long time,” said Baldwin. “I was a hit.”

The former Spartan football player was able to find the humor in Baldwin’s reaction.

“It was definitely hilarious,” said Watts-Jackson.

As for jealousy over Baldwin’s internet fame, Watts-Jackson said there was none at all.

“I was more so thinking like, man, we won the game. Then as the season unfolded that played a big part in us going to the College Football Playoffs and the Big Ten Championship,” said Watts-Jackson. “I would go back and do it all over again. The same way.”

Baldwin said that despite the disappointment, it was a big moment.

“It was a massive, massive moment in history. I mean, in some ways it’s kind of like the whole fame thing has been I don’t know… some sort of sugar coating I guess of it,” said Baldwin. “Cause yeah, of course, the game was you know a disappointing result.”

Fast forward seven years later and the Wolverines are warmed-up heading into Saturday 4-0 in the Big Ten conference while the Spartans are struggling a bit at 1-3.

Time will tell which brother’s big and which one’s little in this sibling rivalry.