It’s summer time in Michigan and most people are hitting the beaches, pools and lakes.

However, before you go to any of those its important to remember safety first.

Just this past weekend a two year old fell into a backyard pool and drowned in Ionia county and a young man from Holt died in an accident on Lake Michigan.

“If i leave to go to the restroom I make sure another adult is watching, just having a buddy, a partner system and also since I have multiple kids I tell them to watch for each other as well,” says Valerie Good, a mother who spent this afternoon swimming with her kids at Hawk Island.

She is taking extra precautions because Hawk Island does not have a lifeguard on duty.

“I always keep an eye on them they’re never with out of my sight.”

Dave Benjamin The executive director of Great Lakes Surf and Rescue Project says “if someone is struggling with water over their head what we recommend them to do a flip, float and follow, flip on their back and float, float, head above water and follow a safe path out of the water.”

He also says that 20 people have died so far in the Great Lakes Area due to drowning and encourages everyone who is going to beaches, lakes and pools to purchase a life jacket to be safe.