WASHINGTON, D.C. (WLNS) – U.S. Representatives Tim Walberg and Elissa Slotkin have been assigned their committee seats in the 118th Congress.

Republican Rep. Walberg was assigned to serve on the House Energy and Commerce Committee and the House Education and the Workforce Committee.

“My focus remains on serving the people of Michigan’s 5th District. With these committee assignments, I plan to help lead congressional efforts to unleash domestic energy production, bridge the digital divide, empower parents, develop a modernized workforce, and build a strong economy,” Rep. Walberg said in a press release.

Rep. Walberg will also serve on the Innovation, Data, and Commerce, the Communications and Technology, Energy, and Health, Employment Labor and Pension subcommittees.

Rep. Tim Walberg.

Democrat Rep. Slotkin will serve as the co-chair of the Congressional Cybersecurity Caucus. She was named co-chair by former Republican Rep. Jim Langevin. Slotkin will co-chair the caucus with Republican Rep. Mike McCaul from Texas.

Rep. McCaul co-founded the caucus alongside Langevin in 2008.

Rep. Elissa Slotkin

“With the threat of cyberattacks to our local communities and our national institutions on the rise, it’s never been more important for Congress to work in a bipartisan way to address cybersecurity challenges head-on. Cybersecurity is no longer just an abstract tech issue — ordinary Americans are increasingly on the front lines of these attacks. As we’ve seen with our K-12 schools and local governments in Michigan, as well as industries like meatpacking, cyberattacks can paralyze everything from a small community to the national economy. Folks need tools to keep themselves and their data safe online, and Congress must work to ensure access to these resources among the public.”

Rep. Elissa Slotkin