LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) Kristen Stuart, Marita Choquette, Wendy Bush and 19-yr-old Martha Sue Young. Four Mid-Michigan women who all died at the hands of Don Miller.

The baby face, Michigan State University law enforcement graduate went on a killing spree in the late 1970s. He Murdered four women less than two years apart. Miller was attempting to kill a fifth, a 14-yr-old girl inside her own home in Eaton County. Little did Miller know, the girls younger brother came home in the middle of the attack.

Randy Gilbert, just 13-yr-old at the time, says he came into the house looking for his sister, instead, he found Miller.

“And then he grabbed me and uh looked at me and says I’m not going to hurt you, umm at that point he had a knife to my neck,” says Gilbert.

Miller demanded Gilbert lead him to his bedroom, then made him lay face down on the ground at started slicing his neck with a knife. Gilbert was able to get the knife away from Miller, but Miller started choking Gilbert until he passed out. While out of consciousness Miller stabbed him twice in the chest puncturing his lung and scrapping his heart. But Miller says there was one silver lining.

“While he was attacking me, my sister was able to get out of the house.”

Bound and gagged his sister escaped and flagged down a car. Miller was eventually arrested.
The two siblings saved, and the lone known survivors of Millers attacks.

“I knew I was safe,” say Gilbert.

But now there is a new fear that Don Miller could soon be a free man. He is up for parole next year, but whether it is approved or not, he will be a free man in ten years.

In part two of this series on 6 News, hear from the Author of “Killing Women” a book detailing Millers murders and more on why some believe he should not be able to walk the streets again.