(KTLA) — Taco lovers, October 4 is your day. And not just because it’s a Tuesday — it’s also National Taco Day.

Regardless of how you prefer your taco — meat or no meat, hard or soft shell, loaded with toppings or plain and simple — it’s safe to say you only want the best taco on National Taco Day.

While there are countless places to find a taco, analysts at Yelp have compiled a list of the 100 best taco spots in the U.S. based on ratings and recommendations from its community of reviewers. This includes restaurants, taquerias, cantinas and trucks — from Alaska to Florida and all points in between. There is even an interactive map to help you find Yelp’s top 100 taco spots.

Topping the list are three spots in California: Ed Fernandez Restaurant Birrieria in San Diego; Taco Nazo in Bellflower; and Taqueria Mi Ranchito in Sylmar.

Below are the 25 best taco spots in America based on Yelp reviews and ratings. The full list can be found here on Yelp’s website.

  1. Ed Fernandez Restaurant Birrieria, San Diego, California
  2. Taco Nazo, Bellflower, California
  3. Taqueria Mi Ranchito, Sylmar, California
  4. Granny’s Tacos, Austin, Texas
  5. Los Tacos No.1, New York, New York
  6. Tacos Sinaloa, Oakland, California
  7. El Primo Tacos, Venice, California
  8. Bajamar Seafood & Tacos, Las Vegas, Nevada
  9. Shaka Tacoz, Captain Cook, Hawaii
  10. Mami Coco, Dallas, Texas
  11. De Cabeza, Chula Vista, California
  12. Deckhand Dave’s Fish Tacos, Juneau, Alaska
  13. Jazzy’s Kitchen, Kihei, Maui, Hawaii  
  14. Taqueria El Asador, Pensacola, Florida  
  15. Mariscos Mi Gusto Es, San Diego, California
  16. Street Tacos and Grill, Los Angeles, California 
  17. Tacos Jalisco, Key Largo, Florida 
  18. Tranky’s Tacos, Garland, Texas 
  19. El Chile Toreado, Santa Fe, New Mexico 
  20. Birrieria Little Tijuana, Riverside, California
  21. Cocina Madrigal, Phoenix, Arizona
  22. Edgewater Tacos, Chicago, Illinois
  23. Chicali Tacos, Las Vegas, Nevada
  24. Tacos Aya Yay, Lafayette, Colorado
  25. La Bamba Mexican Grill Restaurant, El Mirage, Arizona

In the mood for a taco? Yelp is also launching its first-ever Taco Trailblazer campaign, and the company is seeking people to join them on the road. The lucky few who are chosen for the job will be tasked with traveling to the best taco restaurants in the country, earning $20,000 along the way.