What are vaccination sites doing with vaccines that are leftover at the end of the day?

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Mich.(WLNS) – At the end of the day, some vaccination sites throughout Mid-Michigan may have some leftover doses, that’s because people may haven’t been able to get to their appointment.
This may have some wondering. what do they do with the leftover vaccines?

At Sparrow Health Systems officials say once they take the vaccines out of the freezer, they must wait 20 minutes before administering the dose.
Once the vaccines hit room temperature, they are only good for 6 hours and if they have any leftover they find an arm to put it in.

“Our SMG offices for example will call patients they have a list of patients ready to receive the vaccine or patients close to the SMG office they’ll call those patients and have them come in and get the vaccine, says Todd Belding Director of Sparrow Health Systems.

Belding says they do their best to give the vaccines to people who qualify, but sometimes that doesn’t happen. “I’m positive that we have given vaccines to people that would not be qualified in order to prevent them from getting wasted, there’s some very clear guidance from the CDC and the state that you should not waste a vaccine.”

In Jackson County, The Health Department is starting vaccinations for people in group 1B, 65 and older.
Health Officer Rashmi Travis says they make sure all of their appointments are filled so they don’t have any vaccines left over at the end of the day.

“We’ve had like a couple days where we have tried before the clinic even started saying hey we got some open slots are you interested in coming into this clinic,” says Travis.

However, at The Ingham County Health Department, they distribute leftover vaccines to urgent care patients.

Health Officer Linda Vail says, “they will use those doses and call up their 70 plus patients that have been part of Lansing urgent care or have been seen by Lansing urgent care and they vaccinate those matter of fact they sent me a picture of this 90 year old man that they vaccinated.”

The Health Officials that I spoke with today tell me they have not had to throw away any vaccines since the process started.

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