LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Our fourth day of 6 Sports Two-A-Days coverage took us to the Central Michigan Athletic Conference (CMAC) for two teams who are going to look a little different this season. Starting with the Potterville Vikings who have been putting in work in the weight room this offseason.

The way they’re throwing weight around looked like the Vikings are preparing for battle as the season gets going. They are setting their expectations to the level of their 2020 season when they won three straight games in the month of October.

Right now their numbers are a little low with 20-25 players depending on guys getting their physicals but for the Vikings, it’s not about the number of players, it’s the type of players that matters.

“We’ve got a better culture right now it just feels like 2020 to me and we got guys that wanna be here that wanna work that wanna learn that wanna be coachable and like I said we gotta be able to stand adversity and stick together as a family and keep growing,” said Head Coach Dave Matthews.

For seniors like Bryce Kauffman, who is leading the group of 25 players from grades 9-12, he has full confidence they can bring the team together.

“We can do anything I think we can go far we can win a couple playoff games like really we…I feel like we have the people we have the attitude we just need to put it all together and get some chemistry going,” said Kauffman.

The Vikings aim to succeed in every aspect of their game plan but when they’re off the field, senior quarterback Spencer Fedewa excels above and beyond as the only male at Potterville to be on the honor roll.

“Well just having high expectations for yourself and wanting to exceed in school and outside of school in life period, I just feel like that’s an expectation and that’s how it should be for everyone,” said Fedewa.

“Your quarterback has to be an extension of the head coach in my belief he’s running your offense he’s controlling the huddle and then your captains have to be an extension of your head coach and the coaching staff and those are great leaders that’s what it starts with you know they have to go out and make the football plays on the field but those are the type of kids that I feel extremely confident in,” said Coach Matthews.

The Vikings will open the season at East Jackson on August 26 at 7 p.m.

For the Dansville Aggies, they’re coming into the 2022 season with a brand new head coach. Zach Mendez has taken over the Aggies program after spending five seasons as the offensive line coach.

Having known Mendez for their whole high school career, Dansville seniors Zach Sykes and Cody Ream told us it’s made the transition so much smoother.

“Oh definitely yeah I think just the bond he has with our players and our players have with him and just the relationship that’s already been built I think it’s a great opportunity to build more on it now that he’s taken the head coaching position and I’ve just learned that he’s very dedicated to the game and he wants to do everything he can to get me to the next level and make this team as best as they possibly can and I really appreciate that as a player and an athlete,” said Sykes.

“I’m honored to have the position and to be the head coach here and I think what helps is exactly what our players said that relationship I had before continuing that bond and build those relationships, that was a huge part of why I wanted to be the head coach here and continue on and stay here longer my family is from here and so it just kinda all worked out,” said Coach Mendez.

A new coach can bring a new look to a team but the Aggies also have a battle for who’s going to be the starting quarterback. Cody Ream and junior Trent Ackerson are battling it out for the spot during two-a-days but for Ream, it’s not that big of a deal if he doesn’t get the quarterback job.

“It’s just fun to battle with the other guy we’re friends so there’s no bad blood with us it’s just fun to go and compete and just try and win it,” said Ream. “I wouldn’t say the quarterback job is that important cause I feel like I could still help at receiver so even if I don’t get it I can still contribute to the team and help out.”

“Like he said we have a quarterback battle, unfortunately, we don’t know who’s gonna win that but either way whoever wins it the other guy is going to contribute to the team and they know that they’re both just really good athletes,” said Coach Mendez. “They’re willing to do what they need to do to help the team and be successful.”

Dansville opens up the 2022 season at Leslie on August 26 at 7 p.m.