Dangerous brown recluse spider survives winter, found in family garage

Brown recluse spider_255990

(WLNS) – Normally Michigan’s climate is too cold for the dangerous brown recluse spider to survive the winter.

Until now.

A brown recluse spider was found living in an unheated garage in Davison in Genesee County.

Our media partners at MLive report the spider, whose venomous bite can cause lesions on a person’s skin, was discovered earlier this month.

“There was no history of anything being stored in the garage that originated from areas located within the native range of the brown recluse,” said Howard Russell, of Michigan State University’s Diagnostic Services. “Cold winter temperatures are thought to be a limiting factor in brown recluse spider populations. In the case in Davison, it appears brown recluse spiders survived the winter of 2016-17 in an unheated garage.”

This is not the first time a brown recluse, normally seen in the southern United States, has been found in Michigan.

In 2011 brown recluse spiders were discovered in Ingham, Genesee and Hillsdale counties.

More recently brown recluse spiders were found in a home in Tecumseh and a campus building at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

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