Money Monday: Thanksgiving budgeting ideas

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – It’s Money Monday with money expert Denise Kaiser. She’s the executive director of the Center for Financial health and since the holidays can be super stressful for lots of people when it comes to finances she has some tips to help us out.

“Well, I don’t know about you but I’m hosting a large dinner with my family and my husband’s family and my son is coming to visit and I always spend more especially on groceries when he is visiting so it helps to follow some of these tips that we’re going to talk about today to help keep us on track with our budget.”

“Have you ever gone to the grocery store without a list and most of the time yeah it’s made out for me but I forget to bring it there’s some cool apps for your phone that you can make your list right there. But going to the store for anything, especially for groceries, without a list can be expensive and frustrating because I either spend more than what I expect or I forget and important to greedy and so we’re going to start with our tips on making a list like Santa’s says check it twice to make sure that you have all the ingredients for your meals.”

“On the meals, you want to do some meal planning ahead of time and really plan that out to just like you do with your budget and create a menu if you will that will help you create your grocery list for all the ingredients you know we’re looking for that also help you stay within your budget and you do want to set a dollar amount of how much you want to spend during the holiday season.”

“But when you are shopping when you’re at the store remember Cash is king it’s really easy at least it’s really easy for me to overspend with a debit card and I rarely use a credit card but it’s easier for me to overspend when I’m using cards than it is if I have cash there’s some kind of trade that you know cash has that I feel guilty I feel I don’t want to part with my money with my cash it’s easier for me to do that with a card so shopping with cash will also help you save some money and so basically better happen habits equal better budgets better budgets equal better habits better habits equal better budgets and at the end of the holidays we’ll have money in our pocket it’s a good little tongue twister Plus I think if you stick to your budget Christmas money and a little stays there because those thing you want to do is spend Christmas money for Thanksgiving there’s another holiday right around the corner.”

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