LANSING, MI (WLNS)- The Powerball lottery has climbed to more than 900-million, the largest jackpot in the US in history.

In Michigan more than 900,000 tickets sold Saturday alone.

Powerball fever is in the air and dreamers are already spending the winnings in their minds.

“I do not play the lotto but its too much money and you gotta play to win so here I am.” Micheal Elias said as he stood in Lansing’s Downtown’s Party store.

Saturday’s Powerball is the largest ever seen in US history, coming in with a jackpot around 900 million dollars.

And despite the smallest odds of a win, many are still confident they have a chance

“We gonna win this money!” one man lotto ticket buyer said.

And one Lansing man is determined to beat the odds, buying more than 1 ticket, a couple hundred to be exact.

Ron Hurd said he plays the lottery every single day.

But for this large pot, he decided to try something new.

He traveled to through several states, including Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois and now Michigan. Hurd said he is trying to increase his odds.

“Oh yes, I was traveling visiting different relatives and stuff and stopping at every state, bought 20 and 40 dollars’ worth.” Ron Hurd said.

And while Hurd may be somewhat of a lottery professional, tonight even people like who don’t normally play are getting in on the game

“Yeah you gotta take a chance if you want to be a champ” Charvelle Turner said.

It’s a one in 292-million chance to win big, and it spans across 44 states.

The lucky winner can either get their cash in one lump sum payment of 558 million dollars, or 900 million over 30 years.