LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – New polling data out today showing Democrat Gretchen Whitmer in a virtual tie with Republican Bill Schuette in the race for governor.

But another Democrat beats Mr. Schuette by 15 points.

For literally years, Detroit mayor Mike Duggan has steadfastly said he will not run for governor and there’s no evidence that he will.

But in a head-to-head race with potential Republican candidate Bill Schuette, Mr. Duggan wins by 15 points 47 percent to 32 percent.

But the Target Insight MIRS newsletter poll also shows Democrat Gretchen Whitmer, whose been running for 11 months is in a statistical dead heat with Mr. Schuette 41 percent to 40 percent.

At least one member of the Whitmer camp is not worried. “I am in the Whitmer camp,” says Sen. Curtis Hertel Jr. “And I’m not going “oh oh” because I see what’s going on in the country and I think Gretchen Whitmer is a great leader and once people get to know here, they’re going to like her a lot.”

Mr. Hertel points out that Mr. Duggan is coming off a great re-election victory and has great name identification.

But Republicans will jump on these numbers and argue Democrats should be concerned.

Republican Houxse Speaker Tom Leonard explains, “I would be certainly and they should be going in 2018 with her as their candidate.”

But her supporters argue being tied with Mr. Schuette is a plus given that he’s been running for office longer than she has.

State Senator Coleman Young Jr, the man who lost to Mr. Duggan last Tuesday, reacts to the mayor beating Mr. Schuette. “Wow. It is what it is,” said the senator.

Mr. Young has not endorsed Ms. Whitmer as others may get in but he thinks she does not have a problem. “I don’t think so. It’s 2017. It’s too early for debate on whose going to do what.”

One way to end the speculation is for Mr. Duggan to endorse Ms. Whitmer, which has not happened.