LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Democratic candidate for governor Gretchen Whitmer has served 14 years in the legislature and her opponents will argue that makes her a career politician.

But the former Senate Democratic leader is claiming that doesn’t bother her.

The first announced candidate for governor, Democrat Gretchen Whitmer, says her family is all in on her running around the state for the next two years.

She reports there were a handful of family meetings concerning her candidacy and she says everyone is excited, including the five kids.

“There were questions. They wanted to understand what this means and how this is going to impact our lives. we’re ready.”

The kids realize they are not going to see much of mom. “We’ve got a great situation,” says Whitmer. “My ex-husband is one of my best friends. We live close to one another and we’re all in.”

The candidate has 14 years in the Michigan legislature which her critics contend makes her a career politician.

And given the fact that President-elect Donald Trump had no political experience and his opponent did, is she vulnerable on the career politician charge?

“They’ll say that about anyone who is looking to run for governor. I say, so what. The most important thing is what is the vision? Who is going to fight for people?,” asks Whitmer.

Republicans have already begun to compare Ms. Whitmer with Michigan’s first female governor Jennifer Granholm.

“Of course they did. That was predictable,” contends Whitmer. “Well, to say all women are the same. I’m not going to get caught up in that.”

Is she serious about running? She’s already planning a campaign swing to the Upper Peninsula in the dead of winter.