Social Media Safety

LANSING, MI – Most teens today are online. They upload pictures, talk to their friends and send real-time video. Now, there’s been a new emerging trend called “Finstagram.”

A Finstagram account is an account on Instagram that teens make for their best friends. It is secret and they share unedited, silly and personal pictures with each other. They also have “Rinstagram” accounts, or real Instagram accounts, but they usually just share content that would be fit for their parents to see.

Most teens use their “Finstagram” accounts to hide their real lives from their parents.

To see if your teen has a “Finstagram” account, you should ask them before checking on their phone. If they tell you they have one, ask to follow the account as well.

It’s important to explain that even though it’s a fake Instagram account, the pictures and comments are still public. People can screenshot and share the images just like they can on any other account.

It’s really important to create an open dialogue in your family about sharing information online. Even if the privacy settings are private, whatever they are sharing is still on the internet.

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