WATCH: Bodycam view of burning car rescue


SPOKANE, WA (KREM) – We have a story of true heroism to share with you.

Dramatic body cam video of a Spokane Washington police officer rescuing a woman from her burning car has trended on social media all day.

It shows an officer’s frantic efforts to bust out a car window to save the person inside.

That woman says the officer saved her life.

Kim Novak says she was on her way home. She had a late night hankering for some ice cream. She was almost home, but she had no idea she would be in her car fighting for her life.

“I honestly thought I was going to meet my maker. I though that was the end for me,” said Novak.

That’s what was going through Novak’s mind as flames and smoke began to take over the front of her car.

As a rescuer tried to get her out.

“As quick as it happened and as fast as the fire was I knew it wasn’t going to be long until the fire was inside with me.”

She says this scary situation began when she hit a icy bump on her street.

“The engine shut off the lights shut off everything just went black, pitch black.”

Something happened to her 2012 Chevy Malibu.

It lost all power.

She couldn’t open the doors or roll down the window.

And then she saw smoke and frantically called 911.

“There’s flames in front of the windshield that’s at least a foot high coming out from the entire front of my windshield was nothing but flames.”

Her attempts to break out the window herself failed.

“The flames are getting bigger and bigger and the smoke is bellowing in and I’m now I’m starting to lose control because now I’m really freaking out. I’m praying asking God please don’t let me die this way.”

But the first person on the scene wasn’t going to let that happen.

“It was full of smoke and I hear the officer yelling, I’m here, I’m going to get you out, it’s going to be okay.”

Spokane Police Officer Tim Schwering heard the call and he rushed to the scene.

“Took out my baton and started beating on the window. I was a little disappointed that it didn’t shatter on the first hit.”

“He was swinging on that thing I mean he was taking Ken Griffey Junior in the home run derby. He was beating it with all this might.”

And Officer Schwering didn’t give up.

“It started to get a little warmer and smoke was getting to the cabin so I just basically ripped the glass off with my hands,” explained the officer.

“He got to point where there was a hole about maybe this much and I thought. I said I’m coming out. I joke now but it was like a baby going through the birth canal, I was coming out.”

Novak squeezed through the opening.

And one of her neighbors and Officer Schwering helped pull Novak out and got her to safety.

No one was seriously injured.

And that’s a blessing Novak says.

“He was determined he was going to get me out he wasn’t gong to let me burn up”

“I’m just grateful and blessed. It’s not my time.”

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