3 years later, Lansing family still looking for 33-year-old daughter

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LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Three years. That’s the time a Lansing woman has been missing and her family wants answers.

33-year-old Shantell Nick is a long-term missing person, a mother of three, a daughter and a sister to a family whose making it their priority to find out where she is.

“My sister is missing can I give you a flier? Thank you very much,” Rayshell Nick said as she handed someone in a car a flier.

Handing out fliers and posting them on trees and light posts around south Lansing is one way the family of Shantell Nick says can highlight the fact she’s missing.

Shantell’s parents say there was a time in her life when other people were telling her what to do and making her distance herself from her family.

After awhile, something didn’t seem right and in the summer of 2018, they filed a missing person report with the Lansing Police Department.

That was three years ago, and since then, the family has been hoping and praying for answers. But so far, nothing.

“It’s more than heart break. It’s torture. It’s torture every day I wake up without her,” Shantell’s mom Julie Pennell said.

Pennell says not knowing where her daughter is, is gut wrenching and she vows to do everything in her power to bring her youngest home.

“I will never give up looking for my daughter until I’m gone,” Pennell said.

The same is true for Shantell’s father, Ray.

“I always had the hope that she is still alive, had that faith, I always thought that maybe she’d knock at the door and come on in. But hopefully she still living. That remains to be seen,” Ray said.

Rayshell Nick, Shantell’s older sister by 13 months, says the two of them were inseparable.

So close in fact, many people thought they were twins. So having to live without her now, makes Rayshell feel like a part of her is missing.

“I just want answers and it’s just that hope I hold on to. Someday we will find her and she’ll be okay. If anyone knows anything, even the littlest thing, please contact the police department. Please.”

Please call (517) 483-7603 if you have any information.

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