LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — After a very active winter season, spring is officially here!

According to past snowfall data, mid-Michigan could experience some more snow in the coming weeks.

Based on climate data, the average last trace of snowfall for the city of Lansing is seen around April 9.

Last year the latest snowfall was on April 18, when the Lansing area only picked up 0.3 inches of snow.

Even though the snow might not be over, past data shows that the last full inch of snow normally occurs in March.

Meteorologist Kendall Wilson did note that the most recent winter season has been a bit “strange.”

February’s weather was not only extremely warm, but the Lansing area only had 3.3 inches of snow for the entire month. Normally that number is closer to 13 inches.

In stark contrast, the month of March was active, the current snowfall total for the month is 15.7 inches, while the average is normally around 5.5 inches.

While the weather can vary from year to year, it is important to remember that every year is different.

Even though the average last snowfall is early to mid-April, snowfall totals for the month are usually around 2.3 inches.