LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Across the state of Michigan, there is a beautiful display of fall colors.

While the hues are pretty to look at, you might change your tune once they actually fall into your yard — given that they haven’t already started falling into your yard.

On average, a mature oak tree can have up to 200,000 leaves, meaning you’ll eventually need to get out your rake.

Around 306 dry leaves can equal around one pound.

So the leaves from one single mature oak tree can amount to 550 pounds, and that’s if the leaves are dry.

If the leaves are wet, they can weigh up to four times more.

When raking, bagging and carrying these leaves, be careful, because it can actually end up being a fairly strenuous activity.

Additionally, driving on wet leaves can pose some risks that you may not expect.

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