IRISH HILLS, Mich. (WLNS) — While the Cup Series is still a few months out, both Goodyear and NASCAR were busy testing out tires at the Michigan International Speedway Tuesday.

With temperatures approaching 90 degrees outside, testing out the tires gives a glimpse into just how reliant racing tires are on the weather.

“They didn’t blow out. They’re still holding air, and they’re round and black so that’s good,” said Cup Series Champion Joey Logano. “So, if they can keep them that way I think we’ll be just fine.”

According to Logano, warm weather bodes well for a race at MIS.

“I think warm is better for racing. Good weather’s good weather,” continued Logano. “As long as it’s sunny I don’t really care. But typically the warmer weather is probably going to put on a better race here.”

It was clear the heat put stress on some of the tires Goodyear was testing, as 23XI racing driver Bubba Wallace found out during a run.

“Goodyear is looking over it right now and is gonna get back to us,” said Wallace. “It’s what a tire test is for, you know. So luckily we dodged a bullet there but I went over the radio and said ‘I’m done for the day.'”

Logano is pumped for more than just the race in the Great Lakes State.

“I love it here for a lot of reasons,” said Logano. “For one, the sun doesn’t go down until 10 p.m. at night, so I think that’s awesome.”

The stands at MIS will be filled and the track will roar to life on Aug. 7 for the Cup Series.

Considering five of the last six races here have been 85 degrees or warmer, the early summer heat baking down on us is what these drivers can expect once they return later this summer.