LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Believe it or not mid-Michigan, leaves are already starting to change color.

Though the first day of the meteorological fall was on Sept.1, it is still way too early for the leaves to be changing their hue.

Typically, locals start to see leaves change color around early or mid-October.

So, what’s going on here?

In short, the trees are stressed out. That’s right, much like humans, trees can be stressed.

Trees can be stressed for multiple reasons, but some of the most common is being impacted by disease, being infested with bugs and not getting enough water.

Mid-Michigan saw below the normal amount of precipitation for the first two months of Summer.

In June, we saw 1.56 inches of rain in Lansing, compared to the average of 3.73 for the month.

For July the area was just about 42-hundredths of an inch shy of the average.

But for the month of August, there was more rain compared to the average for the month.

The general trend of the summer was drier conditions.

When trees are stressed, what they do is actually concentrate all of their nutrients to their core, to stay healthy.

During the process, they cut off the food or nutrients to the branches which causes the leaves to undergo that early color transition.