LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — This week, we saw the first snow flurries of the 2023 season, which is earlier than average for Mid-Michigan. But climate data shows us that we only have a few weeks before we see the first chance for accumulating snow in the area. I’ll be sharing that data and much more coming up in this week’s Weather Wednesday. 

We saw our first snow flurries of the 2023 season this week on Oct. 30. But despite the early flurries, thankfully our ground temperatures are still too warm to allow for any accumulations or impacts. But as we head into the month of November, and deeper into the winter season that snow will not only become more common, but more of a hazard as well. 

If we go based on climate date for the Lansing area, we don’t have to pull out those snow shovels just quite yet. The average first accumulating snow, which is defined as snow totaling a tenth of an inch or more, is around Nov. 11. 

Nearly a month after that, we start to see the National Weather Service issue various Winter Weather statements for our area. Based on data collected from the past 18 years, we see around 20 Winter Weather Advisories a year in Mid-Michigan. With an average start date of Dec. 13. These types of advisories are issued by the National Weather Service whenever we have forecasted snowfall totals above three inches. 

Winter Storm Warnings, however, are issued when snowfall totals are expected to exceed 6 inches in the area. Thankfully, based on past data, we don’t usually start to see these types of statements from the National Weather Service until January 9th. And as you might have guessed, these are way less frequent with an average of only five to six seen per year. 

But like all things the snow can come with both some good and bad. While it may be highly unpleasant to drive in and just deal with in general, the snow can sometimes bring some beautiful scenes across Mid-Michigan.

As well as bring several activities for the kids to enjoy while off of school, like snowball fights and the fan favorite building a snowman. In fact, the first official snowman of the year was built by the National Weather Service office in Gaylord, Michigan on Sunday night. Even though he is a bit small, he’s a perfect reminder that sometimes the snow can put a little smile on all our faces. Back to you.