LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – With the lack of recent rainfall here in mid-Michigan, there are signs of drought, specifically in northern mid-Michigan.

But if we were to zoom out to the entire US, you’ll notice that we aren’t alone in this with almost 45% of the United States is seeing drought conditions. But there are different categories of drought as well.

For the majority of the state of Michigan, we are in that first category, which is known as “Abnormally Dry” or D0.

The level can occur before or after an actual drought, and we see short-term dryness that can slow the planting or growth of crops, or on the flip side, if it is at the end of a drought, we can see lingering water deficits.

When transitioning into “Moderate Drought”, there can be some damage to crops or pastures, also we could see voluntary water restrictions here as well.

“Severe Drought” is where water restrictions are imposed, and it is more likely that we will see crop or pasture losses.

The next level is “Extreme Drought” or D3, where there are major crop and pasture losses, and those water restrictions that we mentioned in the previous category become more widespread.

The final level of drought is “Exceptional Drought”, in this category there is widespread crop and pasture losses, and the storage of water in streams and reservoirs creates water emerges.