WEATHER WEDNESDAY: Flooding Impacts Mid-Michigan Crops

Weather Wednesday

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– With all the rain Mid-Michigan has received over the past week, you may be asking how the area’s farmlands are holding up. The answer? It’s complicated.

In the course of a week, you’ve heard me go from talking about the severe drought plaguing the area to the over six inches of rain that fell in some locations.

While flooding has been prevalent in recent days, Michigan Farm Bureau field crops and advisory team specialist Theresa Sisung says farmer sentiment has been a mixed bag.

“The rain over the last week, it was a blessing and a curse I would say,” said Sisung. “We needed the rain, we were incredibly dry, in an extreme, or in a severe drought in this area of Mid-Michigan. However, most of the area received probably more than what they wanted.”

Besides the obvious issue of standing water in fields, Sisung says wheat farmers in particular are facing a unique set of challenges.

“Our wheat crop I think has been hit pretty hard,” said Sisung. “We have a lot of wheat that’s went down now due to the heavier rains as well as the wind. And then we are starting to hear some reports of sprouting in wheat and some other mold issues on wheat.”

The drought conditions leading up to the heavy rains have helped to mitigate the impacts in some aspects.

“Luckily, we are pretty far ahead in terms of crop advancement and crop growth just because we had such a dry spring, we were able to get things planted,” said Sisung.

While a period of drier weather would be nice, Sisung says some cooler temperatures could help the cause.

“For the next couple weeks, cooler would be nice, because the crops can handle all the water stress and flooding stress better if it’s cooler,” said Sisung. “So, you know the high humidity also isn’t helping either, that’s causing some of the molds and things that we’re seeing.”

Throughout a time full of changing weather, one thing is clear…

“Mother Nature has definitely brought her share of challenges,” said Sisung.

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