Weather Wednesday: Freezing Fog

Weather Wednesday

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Fog can form at any point during the year in Michigan. Sometime the fog can hold just above buildings or even towards the ground making driving difficult.

Fog is clouds that form at the ground level with tiny water droplets. The water droplets are so small that they can’t be seen. Fog develops by two processes. One way is to add moisture to the environment until it becomes saturated. The other way is to cool the environment until it reaches saturation. In that case, the air temperature and dew point temperature would be the same.

During the winter months there is another type of fog to keep an eye out for and that is freezing fog. That is like fog discussed above, but occurs when the air temperature is at or below the freezing point.

Freezing fog does not only have the hazard of reduced visibility. Due to the tiny water droplets in fog, freezing fog can lead to icing on cool surfaces. Roads, sidewalks, cars, trees, planes and power lines can all be glazed over by freezing fog.

Check out the video above as the science behind freezing fog is explained.

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