LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – As the breeze blows a little bit colder, the thought of fall apples come to mind. Before the fall harvest Steve Tennes, the owner of Country Mill, says early in the spring a fruit growers fear is a freezing night.

The orchard was able to use fans and move air to help keep temperatures warm enough and avoid some frost damage. By using the fans, the Country Mill was able to save 90 percent of their apple crop. Near harvest time, the fans will be used to keep apples at an optimal temperature.

Ironically in the fall, those cold nights that hurt in the spring become beneficial. As the air gets cooler, it brings out the crisp flavor that Michigan apples are known for.

Weather does not just affect the taste but also the size. Precipitation like a slow, gentle rain can help size up the apples.

Now we just need nice weather for fall apple picking.