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Weather Wednesday: Helping pets battle the heat

Weather Wednesday

Lansing, Mich. (WLNS) – Once summer settles in, everyone feels the affect of heat on their bodies. Humans aren’t the only ones trying to battle the heat, but pets do too. Whether your pet lives indoor or outdoor, the weather makes them vulnerable to illness.

Pets cannot handle the heat as easily as humans. Dogs will pant to help regulate their body temperatures, but excessive panting, trouble breathing and weakness become an emergency situation. Also, when exercising outside, pets paws can experience burns. Paw pads can burn on hot surfaces like concrete and asphalt. Juila Willson, President and CEO of the Capital Area Humane Society, says if you touch the ground, and it hurts, then it will burn the paw pads.

There are ways to help pets battle the heat. Taking pets out for walks or exercise should be done early or late in the day. Also, hot surfaces can be avoided all together with walking on grass or shaded areas being ideal. If your pet needs help cooling down, fresh water and ice packs placed near the dog’s armpit will start the cooling process. In emergency situations, pets should seek medical attention from a veterinarian.

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