Weather Wednesday: Helping pets through severe weather season

Weather Wednesday

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Thunderstorms are becoming more frequent in the forecast, and for some dogs, that is not good news.

Some pets, especially dogs, have to battle anxiety when thunderstorms pass through. Pets that have a more nervous personality tend to struggle when storms arrive. Julia Willson, President, and CEO, of the Capital Area Humane Society, says some dogs even become nervous before the thunderstorm strikes.

Loud booms of thunder and lightning flashes can trigger pets to be scared. Signs that your pet may be anxious from thunderstorms are difficulty relaxing, panting, pacing, trembles, or barking. Some animals will also try to find a hiding spot. If your pet displays any of those symptoms, there are a few remedies to try.

Taking your pet to a comfortable hiding spot or the basement can ease stress by blocking some of the thunderous noise. Another way to block out the loud booms is to play background music. If a thunderstorm is occurring at night, turning on the lights can help minimize the flashes. If these remedies are not helping your pet, reach out to your family veterinarian.

Startled pets can run off and owners should make sure to ID their pets with a collar tag or microchip.

As you prepare for severe weather season, watch the video above to ready your furry friends for the stormy weather.

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