LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — With some rain showers forecasted for the upcoming weekend, Mid-Michiganders may be able to see some rainbows this weekend.

But how exactly do these rainbows form?

For rainbows to form, it comes down to where you are located as well as what time you get outside to spot a rainbow.

For the location, you want to be in between the rain showers and the sun.

As for the timing, while rainbows are possible at any hour, the best timeframe to spot technicolor in the sky is generally a few hours before sunrise and sunset.

To see the rainbow face the opposite direction of the sun, so if the sun is to the east, face west.

The reason one should face west is because sunlight is reflected off of the water droplets, and the light is scattered back in a bunch of different directions, creating rainbows.

The size of the raindrops can also play a difference in just how bright and vibrant a rainbow can be.

With larger raindrops, the light reflects more and the colors in that rainbow appear brighter and more colorful.