Weather Wednesday: Making a winter emergency car kit

Weather Wednesday

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Already in Michigan, the snowflakes have fallen, and slippery roads have occurred. Trouble can happen at any time of the year on roadways, but in winter, it’s best to be prepared.

Items to keep in emergency kits for your car, you may have on hand already. Throw in an old coat or sweatshirt to help you stay warm. An extra blanket or sleeping bag can also help keep you warm if your car is no longer able to provide heat. Extra gloves and hats are helpful just in case your first pair gets wet.

If you want to try to get the car out of a tough situation, think about carrying a small shovel and ice scraper in the car. It may seem odd, but if you carry kitty litter in your car, it can be thrown under your tires to help get traction on snow and ice.

Some personal items to have are bottles of water and nonperishable food. Try and carry snacks that are high in protein to provide you energy in case you are stranded for a while. A few bottles of water should be on hand. A cellphone charger can be very helpful when needing additional help.

For all the items to have in your car this winter season, plus how full to keep the gas tank, watch the video above.

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