LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Recently, summer temperatures have taken over bringing highs into the 80s. With the weather feeling like summer, swimming or boating may come to mind. However, swimming this early in the season could be shocking.

Whether intentionally or accidentally getting into cold water, the body goes into cold shock response. McLaren Emergency Director, Christine Perry, says cold shock response usually occurs within the first minute of being in the water and can be deadly.

Perry says three reactions occur in the body. The lungs, heart, and brain can all be affected. When the lungs are affected, breathing can be difficult, or drowning could occur. The cold water against the skin can lead to cardiac issues. Even people who do not have heart trouble could experience a heart attack. Finally, when the brain is affected, dizziness and confusion can occur.

Perry says if someone is experiencing cold water shock, they should be removed from the water, dried off, and seek medical help. Her best advice for staying safe around cold water is prevention. Whether you are swimming or boating, have flotation devices for everyone.

Click on the video above for the full story, and to make sure you and your family are prepared for early season water fun.